ICT4WASH310: Mobile Money Payments for Utility Service Providers

ICT4WASH310: Mobile Money Payments for Utility Service Providers

Does your organization provide water, energy, or PAYG utility services?

Have you started to implement mobile money payments in your organization, or are you interested in doing so?

Join participants from around the world in this 3-week eLearning course that will help you on your journey to successfully deploying mobile money payment solutions.

Deadline for Application: Friday, April 6th.

For more information, email support@ict4wash.com

Course Description

In the past decade, mobile money has become a global story, surpassing 690 million registered accounts with 277 services in 90 countries.

By enabling people to store and transact money in digital form, hundreds of millions of underserved people are safer, are more productive with their time and their money, and are able to take advantage of increased socio-economic opportunities.

At the same time, more and more communities are able to use mobile money to pay utility service providers for essential services such as water and energy. However, there are many challenges preventing or slowing down the pace by which utility service providers adopt mobile money payment solutions.

This 3-week eLearning course based on the Mobile Money Payment Toolkit by the GSMA, was built to support utility service providers in deploying mobile money payment solutions, and in particular address the challenge of choosing the most appropriate technical integration option.

The course provides guidance on key questions around implementation of a mobile money platform, including when and how to approach integration, making the business case, as well as general considerations around legal requirements, customer experience and education.

All funding for the development and implementation of this course was provided by the GSMA.

Course Topics

Module 1: Introduction to mobile money payments

This Module provides an overview of mobile money payments, technologies, and industry trends. Here we will introduce utility service provider challenges, and the potential benefits of adopting mobile money payment solutions.

Module 2: Feasibility and Planning

In Module 2 we will go into detail on subjects including mobile money integration, instant payment notifications, integration alternatives, and making the business case for integration.

Module 3: Implementation and support

Module 3 of the course will delve into practical matters of implementing mobile money payment solutions, including pre-deployment considerations, legal requirements, and reaching customers effectively. Module 3 will include an overview of GSMA support available on mobile money integration, including our industry initiatives on Harmonized mobile money APIs and the IPN Hub.

Course Methodology

  • This course is delivered entirely online over a period of three weeks.
  • It consists of dynamic self-guided content (text, graphics, videos, articles, papers), case studies, discussion forums and weekly activities.
  • This course features live interactive expert presentations each week with leading practitioners from utilities, aggregators, and MNOs.
  • Every live event is recorded and archived for you to watch later.
  • The course is highly interactive, but designed for working professionals so participants can engage with the content and each other at their own pace.
  • We recommend budgeting a minimum commitment of 5-7 hours per week and scheduling time for the course around your existing obligations.
  • This course uses the innovative TechPoints system, which allows participants to gain TechPoints based on their participation in the course. When participants gain 100 TechPoints, complete a Final Project, and fill out the course evaluation, they are awarded a Course Certificate.



The GSMA Mobile for Development Utilities Programme promotes the use of mobile technology and infrastructure to improve or increase access to basic utility services for the underserved. Our programme focuses on any energy, water or sanitation services which include a mobile component such as mobile services (voice, data, SMS, USSD), mobile money, Machine to Machine (M2M) communication, or leverage a mobile operator’s brand, marketing or infrastructure (distribution and agent networks, tower infrastructure).


Wakoma Incorporated

Wakoma Incorporated is a capacity development and consulting firm empowering public, private, and civil-society sector stakeholders working with technology in emerging markets.

Wakoma developed the ICT4WASH platform which brings together senior managers and staff from Water Service Providers (WSPs), humanitarian organizations, non-profits, NGOs, government, and the private sector for strengthening capacity in ICT solution development and implementation. ICT4WASH is both an eLearning platform and a global community of practice.

The Wakoma team has developed this course for the GSMA as part of the ICT4WASH platform.

Course Price

The GSMA has fully sponsored the development and implementation of this course. All participants fees are paid for by the GSMA. 

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